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Race Series and Trophy Events: take place every Sunday throughout the year. Other than 'pursuit' events, each race takes about one hour. Get a good idea of what's going on by looking at the Results web page.Check the HSC Web Calendar for exact start times


The 2018 Spring Series starts on Sunday 25th March. There are General Handicap Races at 10.00 and 11.30 with a Single start for each race. The 10.00 and 11.30 races will count towards separate Series.  In addition, the 11.30 race will also count towards the Hot Lady Series which will be a combination of results from the Spring/Summer and Autumn 11.30 races. The ladies results will be taken from the overall results and will not be sailed separately. The 13.30 and 15.00 Races will be fleet racing for the Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets and will both count towards the same Series. Spring & Summer series Bronze & Rookie fleets will always have a start separate from the Gold and Silver fleet.


Handicaps: please click the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick link. (2018 update). The PNs can be found in the first link on the right hand side of their page.


Fleets: find out which fleet you're in by following this 2018 link.

If your name doesn't appear on the list - just contact the Rear Commodore, Paul Earnshaw, and you will be assigned to a fleet. If you feel that your name is on the wrong list then please let him know and errors will be corrected.


Wednesday evening races and Rookie fleets: are intended to initiate people into racing. If you have thought of trying your hand, but were put off by the idea of getting in the way of the ' experts', then please don’t worry, these sessions are for you. Come along and give racing a try. The Dennis Cooke trophy for the Bronze (beginners) fleet and the Civil Service Sailing Club trophy for the Silver fleet are up for grabs so there is plenty to sail for if you are new to racing. Wednesday evening races are held between April and October when the evenings are light enough. Race times are usually 18h30 April and September and 19h00 in May and August.


Please use these links to download copies of the 2018:

HSC Notice of Race for Club Race Series and Trophy Events (01-06-2018) here and the

HSC Sailing Instructions - here. (awaiting 2018 update)


Pursuit race start times for each Class/PY of dinghies sailed at HSC - primarily for OODs if copies run out at club.





The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are revised and published every four years by World Sailing, the international authority for the sport. The RYA makes prescriptions to the RRS and publishes the RRS together with the prescriptions and other addenda in the RYA booklet YR1. The World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 can be seen here. The RYA Racing link (disputes, advise etc) can be found here.


Map of Haversham Lake with racing buoys


Message from the Sailing Committee

Those diligent racing members will have seen that the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for 2018 are, or have been, have been updated and are on the website. Although these seem rather boring there are some key changes for this season.

The main changes this year are for the 11.30 and 13.30 races in the Spring, Summer and Autumn Series. This year there will be no fleet racing for the Lasers and Supernovas. Instead we will have Fast Handicap and Slow Handicap fleets. Any boats with a PY Handicap lower than a Laser (i.e. Faster than a Laser) will race in the Fast Handicap Fleet and any boats with a PY the same or higher than a Laser will race in the Slow Handicap Fleet.

The 10.00 race will continue to be a General Handicap race and the 15.00 race will be Fleet racing for Gold/Silver/Bronze and Rookie Fleets.

The Rookie Fleet has been introduced for helms in their first year of racing at any club. This is therefore a genuine beginners' fleet, aimed at allowing helms to gain experience in boat-handling and sailing a course before graduating into the Bronze Fleet. In order to encourage participation, it's been made the rule that the Bronze and Rookie Fleets will always have a start separate from the Gold and Silver Fleet.

The Outside Assistance rule has been modified as defined below. This in real terms means that the Safety boat is allowed to help you recover from a capsize without the need (in most cases) to retire from the race.

Outside Assistance:  RRS Rule 41 is changed for club racing as follows: 41(e) help from the Safety boat crew, following a capsize, to right the boat and hold the boat while the crew re-boards the vessel. However the Safety boat has the right to advise the crew to “retire” should they think the crew is in danger of any kind.

However, a boat that gains a significant advantage in the race from help received under 41(e) may be protested and penalized; any penalty may be less than disqualification.

Also, the Outside Assistance rule will not apply for the Bronze and Rookie Fleet races (that's RRS Rule 41 for those who like to peruse the rule book).


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