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  Barrie Lyman

  Commodore and OnBoard

  Laser 165425

01908 569617

  Rod Pakes
  Club Treasurer
and Company Secretary
  Laser 2000 2887

  Ann Miles
  Membership Secretary

  Gull 2882


  Robin Stubbs
Safety Boat Officer and rotas

  Wanderer 949


  Richard Pakes
Site Bosun (Berthing)
Supernova 666, Laser eps 200

  Geoff Birch
Streaker 1697

  John Pratt
Keys & Padlocks


Stephen Swain,
Vice Commodore

Supernova 1007

Gillian Thompson
Rear Commodore & Yearbook editor

Gull 2869, Streaker 2104

Christian Maxwell

RYA Training Centre Pricipal
Laser 2000 2519

Steve Miller
Fishery Manager
07745 275840

Julie Wilson

MKBYSA contact and Bar Manager

RS400 1459, Laser eps 131

Chris Hughes

Quartermaster for club Topper and Oppy fleet

Laser 161756

Gareth Lumsdaine

Buccaneers Management

Anything with an engine!

Doug Scott

Doug Scott
Supernova 1010

David Hall

Health and Safety

Phantom 1346

07435 781475

Olly Anderson

RS400 1459 and Laser Radial 180341

Lilly Gosling

Junior Representative
Laser Radial 206470

David Roder

Junior Representative

Laser Radial 171964


 Other club contacts

General enquiries

Mike Corboy

Weed Meister & Quartermaster for club Laser and Lightning 368 fleet

Topper Xenon 4222

Louise Pakes

Clubhouse bookings and
Social Events

07798 888037

Jeanette Gosling

Safeguarding and
Child Protection

Clare East

Galley rotas and food hygeine

Byte C11, Wayfarer 6664


John Hunt


Barry Winter

Barry Winter

Results Secretary

Laser 161410



Martin Green
Data Officer

Gull 2882, Streaker 1326

  Neil Roscoe

  Quartermaster for club two person boats

  Solo 5579


Sean Muldoon

Quartermaster for club Lasers

Laser 209086 and Fireball 12224



  Haversham Sailing Club 2005-2018